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Inspiration Profile - Julie Maclean

Welcome to the first Inspiration Profile for 2013 - we are delighted to have Julie Maclean, a New Zealand born, New York based textile designer.
After 15 years designing fashion prints for the likes of DKNY, Oscar de la Renta, Diane Von Furstenburg, JCrew, Topshop and The Gap, Maclean started Goodship in 2009. Check out this cool line of printed canvas accessories - I'm rather partial to the gorgeous Colourblock Totes. Enjoy!

Julie Maclean at work 

The divine Tan/Red Colourblock Tote (left) and  Orange/Blue Colourblock Tote.

Name: Julie Maclean

What do you do:I'm a textile designer; I've been designing prints for fashion companies for around 15 years. Several years ago I was looking for a change in the same line of work so I started Goodship, a range of printed textile goods and accessories.
Where do you live: New York, USA
What are you working on: A new range of home wares - cushions, kitchen linens and eventually bedding, plus several collaborations with other designers and artists, including a kids range. We're also putting the finishing touches on a Goodship site for Australasia. There’s a lot going on right now!

Carolina Fold Up Tote

Chevron Fold Up Tote

Hand Dyed  Fold Up Tote

Who/what inspires me:I'm a collector and my weakness is vintage fabrics (of any era), but I also collect bits and pieces of all kinds that I think will spark an idea. I'll usually start a project with a pile of visual reference - photos, tear sheets, vintage fabric swatches. Also, I like getting out and about and seeing what people are wearing on the streets, personal style is often inspiring - like how someone else will combine colours in a unique way.
I look at companies like Marimekko for how fantastic a print/textile lead company can be.
I work best:Unfortunately I work best at night but I'm trying to change that as I'm not getting enough sleep (we have some early risers in our household).
What I do when I’m stuck for inspiration: I gather all my reference around me and get out the paint brushes. Just starting something helps - this is where my collecting comes in handy because I can usually find a starting point amongst my stuff. Working in textile studios is a training in pushing though uninspired moments, we all kept sketchbooks on hand to refer to in those creative lulls.
My latest discovery is: Coclico shoes and boots, love em.
Books that I get inspiration from: A book about Vera Neumann I bought as a gift for myself and Twentieth-Century Pattern Design, a bible for textile designers.

Carolina Day Clutch - Blue

Gisella Coin Purse - Green

Marais Coin Purse

Magazines that inspire me: Lately my taste in magazines has been very pragmatic, Vogue and Womens Wear Daily to stay on top of industry news. I go to New York Magazine online as they publish photos from all the fashion week shows from many cities - it’s a huge resource.
Blogs that I enjoy: I don't have time for a lot of reading at the moment. I randomly find things online but I'm not a regular of any blog. However in saying that, I do like to check out Anthology magazine, Apartment Therapy and The Purl bee.
My favourite room at home is: Our bedroom - it’s small but it’s the quietest room in the house, and at night we have a view of the city lights.
My office is: Our kitchen table
Looking forward to: Moving back to New Zealand is high on the list. Closer to actually happening, I'm looking forward to moving into a studio that’s not in our home. 
Want to find more awesome Goodship goodies? Go here to their online store (the Australasia store here) and if you want to keep up to date with Goodship news, check out their FB page here.

New Geometric Print - so new it doesn't have a name yet!

Tote Bag

All photographs are used with permission from Julie Maclean and Goodship.


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