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Living with Kids II - Kate Oppenhius in New Zealand

Here is another New Zealand home featured in 'Living with Kids' series on Design Mom. The previous featured New Zealand home was in Auckland and it has been a popular reference by my clients who read this blog. This time we are in Wellington and it belongs to interior stylist, Kate Oppenhius. Read all about it here.

Photography by Paul McCredie via Design Mom.

Set a Trend with Innovative Designer Home Furniture

Just like clothes, accessories and personal times, a home and home furniture too are a matter of differing choices. But you can't go wrong with designer furniture and home accessories made by experienced and long standing brands.

They have a history for classy and innovative ideas to please the most skeptical minds at reasonable rates.Exclusivity of designer furniture and d├ęcor A chair is just a place to sit on – this is what one would think. But designer chairs have turned the mundane into exotic. Chairs are available in varieties – benches, standard, reclining, ball chairs, Droog chairs in various sizes, lounge chairs, and lightweight all-purpose chairs. There are websites where there are so many varieties on offer that it may not be easy to select any one piece. One can learn all about a chair in the catalogues of most online furniture stores prior to making a purchase. Ultimately, what you are looking for is comfort. Personal choices differ in styles as well as prices. So the wide range of sizes, shapes and rates caters to everyone's likings. A Bacsac is a closed bag that is used in lieu of a mud, metal or glass container for plants. They are usually bought for rooftop gardens as the terraces remain clean and free of muddy sediment. At the same time one can enjoy the pleasure of having a real garden without artificial plants. Being just a bag, the Bacsac is portable, is not rigid but is flexible in its use, is lightweight and does not add to the weight of the plant, and is not expensive. This innovative method of creating a terrace garden without the mess is very unique. It stems form the idea of giving the plant the same growth benefits as planting it directly in the soil. Hence, architects, decorators, landscapers, and interior designers prefer to use Bacsac bags for the gardens that they design. The bags come in different colors to blend perfectly with different garden themes. Midsummer light tord boontje is one of the most exclusive pieces of interior light decoration created by Artecnica. It gives an effect of cascading light beams and projects flora and fauna in the most enchanting display one can imagine. The material used is a special kind of paper that has a protective shield to keep from getting damaged due to heat. The light is available in two colors, white and white plus red combination. The white gives off an ethereal beam and the combination one pleases all with its variances in colors. Despite that fact that it is made from paper, it can be hand washed carefully because of the protective material used. Artecnica are specialists in modern and aesthetically created lights, indoor plants, greeting cards, children's gifts, clocks, stylish bags, mobiles and decorations, vases, lampshades, fancy ceramic decorative items, curtains, panels, and kitchenware, etc. Their unique designs can please every discerning eye so their products are in great demand.

Office Furniture UK- Most trendy and innovative designs

It's really a difficult task to select the right kind of office furniture, since they reflect the real image and standard of the organization.

So, it becomes very essential to make a positive image of the office in the minds of the visitor. The interior designer of the particular office should choose the Office Furniture that expands the space utility and gives an exciting look to the office. Office furniture gives a great satisfaction and enjoyment if you will get the chance to work in such an environment that consort the overall design and color theme of your place where you work. The office furniture UK is available in wooden, steel and other materials to give a refreshing look to office. Also, they are designed in such a way that it can be easy to maintain and clean. In fact, the Office furniture UK is made to solve all the office furniture requirements by giving best comfort along with style. All these furniture are designed as per the latest trends and styles so as to offer wide assortment of office furniture. They are all available in various qualities of material, shapes, color and size so as to fulfill the requirement of every type of office. Furthermore, the Computer Workstations UK gives perfect solution to the computer requirements. It helps in accommodating all the computer parts. These computer workstations UK are prepared to give a comfortable and stylish working area for the office employees. With the arrival of Computer Workstations UK, the working capacity of employees has increased, as they are designed in order to reduce unnecessary movements of employees.

Scandi Style Kitchen


Here is a great Scandinavian style kitchen that has been designed for a Swedish-American family in Brooklyn, New York. I like how the dividers create the spaces without having to build walls - it keeps the overall interior spacious and creates a flow throughout. Read more about it here.

Stainless steel bench top with exposed plywood edge.

This freestanding unit houses the fridge and kitchen storage. It also acts as a dividing wall between spaces.

The divider becomes a bookshelf on the other side towards the living room.

Another built in divider, which houses the coat cupboard, defines the entrance and the living spaces.
 Photographs by Matthew Williams via Remodelista.

Seaside Family House

I enjoyed looking at this beach house which is in (and on the cover of) the latest Inside Out magazine (November/December 2013). The house was decorated as a Christmas feature, however I liked looking at it as it would be on a daily basis - a relaxed and stylish seaside family home. See more here.

Photographs by Armelle Habib via Homelife

Armadillo & Co Junior Collection

Nest Weave - Awning Stripe in Celadon/Natural and made in hemp.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Armadillo & Co rugs last week. While I was already aware of this range and had recommended these rugs to several clients, it wasn't until last week where I met with Jackie, state manager for New Zealand and parts of Australia, that I really 'got' Armadillo & Co. I am now a fan.
There are three main collections - Junior, Earth and Designer (there are more collections on the way next year - I managed to squeeze a few secrets out of Jackie!) and all rugs are woven from sustainable natural fibres, mainly hemp or New Zealand wool, by artisans in India.
Armadillo & Co was founded four years ago by friends Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst and this company has gone from strength to strength within a short time. What I like is the philosophy of Armadillo & Co - they believe in combining aesthetics with ethics, so every rug embraces Fair Trade practices and all purchases benefit the local schools in the weavers' villages. "We aim for our rugs to lie lightly on this earth." Top marks.
Here are some rugs from the Junior collection - beautifully styled from the Armadillo & Co catalogues.
Flower Weave - Daisy

Flower Weave - Marigold

Stratum Weave - Carnival Stripe in Pirate/Eggshell made in wool.

Stratum Weave - Carnival Stripe in Frog/Eggshell

Photographs via Armadillo & Co.

Moments from a Photo Shoot

Thonet chairs on display - the cl

Today I was out of the office and being an interior stylist on a photo shoot. We were located at the Thonet showroom in Wellington - a great space to work with and surrounded by great furniture to admire in between photo takes. Nice.

The stunning Artek 901 Trolley designed by Alvar Aalto. One day...

An awesome photo shoot perk - taking home the gorgeous flowers.

Another perk - finding awesome objects while you source products. This time it was a Cardinal Bird Whistle - you know you want one.

Photographs by Charlotte Minty.