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Crafty Ladies

Billie at 5 weeks old.

Billie's new quilt by the crafty ladies.

Close up of 'Albert'.

'Jack Dog'.

'Zico' being naughty.


My mum belongs to a group of crafty ladies that get together every fortnight to knit, embroider, quilt, basically whatever crafty project they have going and while doing so, they have a good ol' catch up. They have a tradition where if any of the group is expecting a grandchild, they get together and make a quilt. I think it's a great tradition and they have recently completed one for my niece, Billie. Billie's mother is mad about her cats so the theme of the quilt was their own pets - past and present. The ladies did such a great job that I just had to share.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.


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