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Office Design - Parliament

Upstair area (with yummy pale blue Eames chairs)

Downstairs (with more cool Eames chairs)

Office - looking through to the pool room.

The pool room with the kitchenette.

Posters close-up - love that mo.

Meeting area.

Production room.

"War room"

Working table.

At the moment, I am working on a proposed office re-fit and on my research journey, I came across Parliament.  A creative company based in Portland, Oregon, Parliament's "world headquarters" are rather eye catching and breaks out of the typical office mould. I was intrigued by the open spaces, the multi meeting/relaxing areas, the use of industrial and recycled materials, the relaxed vibe, the pool room(!), cool designer chairs, simple colour palette and the overall 'warmth' of the place. As a client looking for a good design team, you would definitely know that you were walking into a space full of creatives and have a good feeling that you are in good hands.
(Found on Parliament's blog - try out the Pentagram's what type are you? Brillant. I am Archer Hairline - pretty bang on actually.)
Photographs by Lincoln Barbour via Parliament.


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