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Flamingos by Sharon Montrose

Flamingo no. 1

Flamingo no. 2

Flying Flamingo

Four Flamingos
I have spoken of the clever Sharon Montrose before. She is an animal photographer and a really good one - read my previous posting about her here. Montrose came up in a conversation the other day with a design school friend who is doing up her future baby's nursery. She is going to source some of the cute baby animal photos for the walls, which I think is very cool.
After talking about her, I decided to check out Montrose's Animal Print Shop to see her latest work and found this great Flamingo series - aren't they amazing? This is probably the only time I will see this stunning bird up close. (NB: you can click on the photos above to see them larger.)
She has also been taking photos of dogs in action, tails (yes, really), babies and owners with their pets. All fantastic photographs - the animals just come to life and great expressions are captured. You can check out her varied portfolio here. She also has a blog where you can see her work and the happenings with her personal comments.

Below are some examples of her work on the walls...you can see they fit into all kind of interior spaces. Go on, have a look on the website and choose your favourite animal.
All photographs via Sharon Montrose.

'Alligator' in the bedroom and 'Baby Giraffe no.3' in the playroom.

'Grey Goose' on the left and 'Albino Burmese Python' on the right.

'Owl' and 'Lemurs' hang on these walls.


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