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Christmas with Ikea

From Livet Hemma - Ikea's blog 'Life at Home'.

Time to bring out all the available chairs, get together and celebrate.
Crikey, it is the first day of December! Yep, it's time to start counting down to Christmas Day and for us in the southern hemisphere, a much sought after Summer break. I got a great message today from the editorial staff at Livet Hemma - they saw my posting about their Ikea blog. They let me know that they have Christmas ideas and inspirations on their blog right now.
I love their images above as it really tells Christmas as it is - having family and friends over, bringing together all the available chairs around a makeshift table, Christmas cards on the wall, lots of food on the table and Christmas baubles hanging above. Thanks Livet Hemma for letting me know about your updates.
Photographs via Livet Hemma.


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