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Book - Simple Home

I was in Small Acorns last week and while talking to the lovely Amanda, my eye spied a great book. It was Simple Home by Mark and Sally Bailey. When I pointed it out to Amanda, she mentioned their great website and 'Baileys Home Store' business that they have in the UK.  
Mark and Sally Bailey believe in the repair, reuse and rethink philosophy - so their style is a mix of vintage and new. Check out their mail order store and see the amazing products that they source. Their Whitecross Farm would be a world to behold as you venture from one building to another to see all their collected products. Amazing. Unfortunately they do not deliver to New Zealand...yet.
Interior Design books and magazines should be inspirational and I have started my own Amazon bookstore, which you can see to the side of my blog. If you want to know what is on my bookshelf, what books I think are great and some books that I yearn for - check out my Amazon store and I'll keep updating it over time.
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