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292 - Driveway

The old driveway is gone and getting ready for the concrete to arrive tomorrow.
New slat walls beside the deck and around the entrance at the back. Waiting for me to paint them.
Euan working on the driveway on the other side of the building. That's a new driveway edge which will have planting behind. Retaining walls waiting for me to stain them.

I haven't updated about 292 for a while but that's not to say that nothing has been happening! Plenty has been going on.
All the interior painting has been finished and the tiling is well underway - finished by the end of tomorrow we hope. Meanwhile, Euan the builder has been tackling the outside area. Last week this area was a complete mess - the plumbers had dug up all the dirt to lay the pipes. It was during the heavy rainstorms so there was water and mud everywhere. It is looking much better now and even more so tomorrow when the concrete truck arrives.
Dad and I have a weekend of finishing exterior painting details and cleaning up in preparation for next week. The plumbers and electricians will take over early next week to do their finishing touches, then the carpet will follow, in which I then follow with all my belongings and officially move in. Yah!
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.


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