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292 - Update

The kitchen all ready and waiting for the new joinery's arrival on Monday.
Trims and architraves are done and ready for painting.
Me (posing really badly) looking extremely unsexy and soppy wet but still rather pleased with myself, re: the full skip behind.

It's a super-cold and super-wet weekend in Wellington, however that cannot stop us from the work we need to do around 292. There was two waist high piles of building rubbish outside that needed to be cleared and that job was mine. Dad needed to continue prepping the interior windows ready for the painters coming soon - yes, he remained inside and was very dry...

292 is slowly coming together. The trims and architraves have been completed in the downstairs apartment. The kitchen and bathroom joinery will arrive on Monday for installation. Euan the builder will be spending a week of doing all those small jobs and details that need to be done before the painting team arrives the following week to blitz the place into colour...well, grey and white. Looking forward to it.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.


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